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Furred, Feathered, and Scaled Friends (Flippers, Too)

Although A Dragon's Guide to Destiny features some unlikely animal-human and animal-animal friendships, I'm sorry to say I couldn't find any videos about dragons. The ones I did choose for this section don't necessarily relate to psychic communication, but they do demonstrate the power and beauty of emotional and spiritual bonds.

Please note that many of the animals shown in these videos were rescued.

From time to time, I will add more videos.

Please note: Videos do get removed from YouTube. If the link doesn't work, that's why. Please feel free to let me know if that happens.

Human-Animal Connections

Cat saves 97-year-old woman from pit bulls.

Dr. Schoen: Human-Canine Bond Can Change the Way We Live Dr. Allen Schoen, world famous veterinarian, author, and lecturer, speaks about how appreciation of the human-animal bond can be a tool for spreading love in the world. Brief and to the point.

Part of the Pride by Kevin Richardson the Lion Whisperer Zoologist Kevin Richardson has close encounters with lions and other wild animals.

Cat inspires homeless man Angelo is a homeless man who wants to reunite with his beloved friend, Simon. If their story inspires you to make a donation to Phinney's Friends, the organization that is helping them, the web site is http://www.phinneysfriends.org.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Therapy Dogs See therapy dogs interact with elderly people and special-needs children.

This video focuses on special-needs children.

Therapy dogs help children before and after surgery.

Luca, the therapy cat.

Moorea, a shelter cat, who became a therapy cat.

A therapy duck.

Human-Assisted Therapy for Animals

Feral and/or abused animals need special treatment. This short video provides some useful information.

Hero and Heroine Animals

Wallace, a cat, prevented a fire in his house.

A dog drags an injured dog off a highway.

Animal-Animal Interactions

Koko the Gorilla and All Ball the cat.

An elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.

A cat and a fawn.

Animal Intelligence

Watch this squirrel overcome all obstacles.

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