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Cats in Command and Other Stories
cats in command cover Cats in Command and Other Stories has just been published, and it's free at Smashwords in a number of ereader formats. You can also get it free at Barnes & Noble, Apple,, and Kobo.

Cats in Command: The situation is more serious than you may suspect.

Villains Victorious: The villains attempt to rewrite the story.

The Last Dance: How will this jury vote on the fate of humankind?

The Goddess is Coming: But few care.

The Language of Stones: He decides to teach a stone how to speak. Good luck.

Gargoyle in Love: He's not just an ugly face.

Tarasque: After she's orphaned by murderous humans, not even a saint can convince this dragon that she's a sinner.

Big Dragons Don't Cry, Chapter 1: A royal cat, looking for a suitable mate, doesn't expect to fall in love with a feisty alley cat.

Opening of Cats in Command

The cat's yowl jolted me out of a deep sleep. Too groggy to wonder how it had gotten into my bedroom, I stumbled out of bed and shooed it toward the front door.

Big yellow moon eyes glowing in the dark, the cat stared at me, flicked its tail, and trotted down the hall.

Glad it was as eager to leave as I was to evict it, I opened the door. A fierce wind pulled it out of my hand. One second later the suction of a cosmic vacuum cleaner caught me in its swirl, and I was pulled down one of those tunnels reported by people who had near-death experiences, except that I didn't see the light. I saw prison bars, and, once I got oriented, I realized I was behind them.

The cat had disappeared.

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